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Security awareness communication reinforcement tools

Efficient tools for an effective program

Sedika Technologies distributes Terranova's assortment of engaging communication, reinforcement and measurement  tools that can be used in conjunction with their online courses to offer your clients an outstanding security awareness program. Chances of success will be greatly increased by ensuring users are reminded in fun and interesting ways of their role in helping to keep your organization safe.

Browse the list of engaging and fun communication tools and see for yourself that these products will meet your clients's needs.

Security awareness newsletters

Terranova's high quality newsletters often become an integral part of a communication plan. This post-training tool is designed to reach all employees and reinforce security awareness learning. The newsletter functions as an information channel which helps free up internal resources and lower production costs for the development of ongoing security awareness educational materials.

Newsletters can be branded with a company logo for consistent messaging throughout a security awareness program.

Key benefits:

  • Written by IT security experts
  • Available in English, Spanish, French and German and several other languages
  • Easily customized with company logo / masthead
  • Distributed electronically, posted on a company intranet or printed
  • Delivered in a practical format that contains an introduction to the newsletter subject, an explanation of the risks, a list of best practices and risky behaviors to avoid

Security awareness posters

Posters are one of the most effective tools used to raise employee security awareness. They are the primary non-electronic communication piece utilized to reinforce messages in a communication plan. When strategically placed, posters spark interest in order to get people curious and involved in a corporate program. Posters are typically displayed in areas with high user traffic like corridors, common rooms, meeting rooms, offices, on bulletin boards, etc.

Security awareness videos

For all employees, Terranova has developed reminder video clips that include key messages on security industry best practices. It’s a great medium to communicate information, security tips and tricks within a corporate environment.

Key benefits

  • Written by IT security experts
  • Presents cutting-edge, newsworthy information security practices
  • Acts as a reminder when used on a regular basis

Available video topics

  • Introduction to information security
  • Passwords
  • Physical security
  • Emails
  • Spam
  • Identity theft
  • Responsible use of the Internet at work
  • Clean desk policy
  • Social engineering
  • Malicious code
  • Social networks
  • Mobile users

Security awareness ad banners

Ad banners are an electronic tool often used on corporate intranet sites, portals, in electronic documents, newsletters and more. They help brand a security campaign as it gets rolled out and updated. Continuous viewing of advertisements reinforces messages and also serves as a reminder to stay aware of how users view, store and share information internally and externally.

Ad banner features

  • Can be used during launch and training
  • Buy as standard or customize

Security awareness email templates

Terranova has developed written email template messages that are formatted and ready to send. Messages can be sent out to inform users of activities or information available throughout the duration of a security awareness program.

Email template features

  • There are a total of 10 templates
  • Can be used for pre-training, launch, during training, and post-training
  • Text can be used as-is or customized to fit corporate language

Security awareness games

Interactive games are a fun way to reinforce the learning acquired on security and threats during the online training sessions offered to employees of your clients. Terranova continues to expand its collection of games that can be used today, or customized according to needs or educational goals.

Security awareness intranet messages

Terranova offers easy to use information capsules containing awareness messages written by experts.Focusing on several major themes of security, they feature key issues, best practices, statistics and provide interesting examples. Broadcasted regularly, these reminders are a great way for employees to keep information security in mind.

Intranet messages features

  • Up to 52 messages to choose from
  • 12 security topic options
  • Emailed or posted on your intranet