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Online security awareness training

Sedika Technologies is the authorized distributor of Terranova online security awareness training.

We distribute Terranova's comprehensive information security awareness training to meet the organizational security requirements of your clients. These trainings help enhance the overall security level of your clients' organization and help them to comply with norms such as SOX, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and other data protection laws and standards. These engaging, easy-to-use and informative courses are developed and designed by top brand name industry experts. We provide information security awareness e-learning courses for :

  • End-Users
  • Managers
  • IT administrators and programmers

End-users security awareness training

We offers tools covering over 20 different security topics to ensure the end-users of your clients are aware of security risks and accepted behavior. Each course is narrated, interactive and includes various media, games and exercise to stimulate user interest and support progression.


Manager security awareness training

This online security awareness course helps to educate the management team of your clients about the important role they play in the security awareness program. This course helps increase the effectiveness of security measures and promote their adoption. With this training, managers will perceive security measures as "resources" rather than as "restraints" and will understand how they will improve performance, work quality and corporate image.


IT developers and admistrators awareness training

IT staff have to be part of the delivery channel in order for any security awareness project to succeed. We offer two specific online security awareness courses targeting IT developers and IT administrators.