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Information security awareness online end-user courses

Make users your first line of defense

Sedika Technologies distributes Terranova tools covering over 20 different security topics. These award-winning tools ensure the end-users of your clients are aware of security risks and accepted behavior. Each course is narrated, interactive and includes various media and quizzes to stimulate user interest and support progression. These programs are flexible and modular: the client can build its own security awareness program by choosing which topics to focus on.

A unique course content, coupled with security awareness communication plans and tools, gives your clients a comprehensive and extensive program to meet their security policies.

Course features

  • Friendly navigation
  • Interactive and interesting learning activities
  • Available in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, etc.
  • Can be accessed by any PC user
  • Audio can be activated or muted
  • Complete glossary
  • Evaluation at the end of the course of each module
  • 100% content customizable; branding included
  • Electronic acceptance form available for users to accept your policies

Each course is concise, giving users the right information in clear segments.

Topics covered in Terranova's online end-user course

  • Introduction to information security
  • Threat and risk management
  • Information classification
  • Information management
  • Intellectual properties
  • Social networks
  • Passwords usage
  • Physical and mobile security
  • Electronic mail
  • Management of unsolicited mail
  • And much more