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Information Security Awareness Training

Sedika Technologies is an authorized distributor of Terranova online security awereness solutions in Europe, Canada, and Latin America.

Terranova security awareness provides comprehensive training and communication solutions that positively change security behavior. Targeted, concise and focused online lessons combined with creative and adaptable communication tools ensure that security awareness is learned quickly and easily.

Terranova has helped over 1000 organizations develop their information security awareness programs. Millions of users have completed successfully their online course which is offered in more than 35 languages internationally. Several verticals are using their tools such as banking and insurance, retail, service industries, manufacturing, product processing and government.

Awards and recognitions


Gartner is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company. They deliver research and analysis that advise executives in over 80 countries. Terranova has been evaluated in December 2009 according to the Gartner research “Speed Security Awareness Program Development by Using External Resources”.

Brandon Hall Learning Technology Award

Terranova has won a coveted Brandon Hall bronze award for technology excellence in the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training category. This award was won jointly with its client, Scotiabank, for their security awareness e-learning course. 

The Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Technology Awards are presented by Brandon Hall Group, a leading research firm in training and development. The Learning Technology Awards program showcases innovations in the products in the marketplace for creating and managing learning, talent, and performance. These awards are amongst the greatest recognition in this field.

Clients and Testimonials

Terranova's information security training and awareness tools are used by medium and large businesses and government agencies to reduce the risks associated with protecting and sharing corporate information.

Fox logo


One of the key client of TerraNova is Scotiabank. It won jointly with them a Bronze Brandon Hall Award for Learning Technology. The course was launched on July 2010, in two languages, English and French, to almost 40,000 Scotiabank employees in Canadian Banking and Scotia Capital division. Phase two currently in process includes launching within International Banking in three languages, English, French and Spanish. This will reach a total of approximately 30,000 employees in the U.S.A., Latin America and the Caribbean.

Fox logo

Fox Entertainment Group

“Our challenge at Fox was to find a solution for security awareness training in order to meet our PII and PHI compliance objectives.  We knew we needed to find a security awareness training solution that we could easily customize, yet roll-out quickly in order to train all of our employees and reduce security risk.

We are happy we have found Terranova, they have been most instrumental in creating our customized PII and PHI on-line training module in a short time span. Working with Terranova has not only saved us this time, but has also been cost efficient. The Terranova team were extremely flexible and easily able to integrate our required changes and deliver the content in a timely manner.  Moreover, it has been a real pleasure to work with such a nice, flexible and diligent team.

We are now in our second year with Terranova and have successfully trained over 7000 employees. We have excellent feedback from all  employees that followed the training. We highly recommend Terranova to any company who wants to attain their compliance goals and protect their information.”

– Jeff Dow, CISO
– Kevin Graziadei, Project Manager

Deployment and flexibility to suit your needs

Terranova gives you the ability to roll out your courses with the technology that meets your needs. You will easily be able to enroll, manage, monitor and certify participants in an information security training program.

Deployment Options:

  • Install and deploy the program on your Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Install and deploy the program on Terranova’s hosted LMS

Install the program on your Learning Management System

All Terranova courses and quizzes are SCORM and AICC compliant and have been tested in large multinational corporations and government institutions. Clients can easily upload course content into their own LMS. The courses have been thoroughly tested on multiple browsers.

Terranova’s Learning Management System and hosting

Another option to consider would to have the courses and quizzes hoste on Terranova's. This is particularly useful for organization that do not currently own an LMS and do not plan to acquire on in the short term. Here are the benefits of having your solution hosted by Terranova.

  • Cost-effective - no server or software costs
  • Less technical support required from IT
  • Updates are automatically installed
  • Tracks ongoing e-learning activities in real-time
  • Provides various reports to monitor participants (company, division, department)
  • Gives secured login access for trainees and administrators
  • Brands the company with the ability to display a logo in the system
  • Customizable reports
  • No SSL certificate required