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Market development

Grow the market. Market development is the core offering of Sedika Technologies to its vendors. . We specialize in introducing new, innovative vendors to the territories we serve and have developed a very proactive approach in developing the market on behalf of our vendors.

We will introduce the vendor’s solution to the best partners in our network according to the vendor’s target market and sales model.  In order to do this right, we will initially gain a complete understanding of your solutions, its benefits and value proposition.

As required, we will expand our network of resellers in order to provide the proper sales coverage in your target markets. This approach allows with to significantly reducing your sales cycle time when you partner with Sedika Technologies in expanding into new markets.

In order to increase the market pull, we will work with you to design and implement the more appropriate channel incentive programs, including SPIFF, Market Development Fund, co-op advertising programs and others as required.

For more information on our Market development services, please contact us at .