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Sedika Technology allows you to gain access to innovative training solutions in the fields of information security and information technology.

The solutions we are distributing have a very quick ramp-up time, require limited training to be able to sell and need minimal technical support.  This reduces the training investment you need to make and ensure you will be profitable quickly.  The margins of these products are very attractive, leading to a quick payback and great return on your investment.

For you to be successful, we will provide the complete support you need.  This includes training, marketing and technical support.

We have developed a compelling Reseller program that rewards mutually-beneficial relationship and a long-term approach to business.

There are several benefits to become a reseller of Sedika Technologies:

  • Provide access to unique innovative solutions, new to your market, for which Sedika Technologies has exclusive distribution.  This means that there is a limited number of resellers and even the smaller resellers can gain real traction with these products and not being undersold by larger resellers
  • Receive very attractive margins for a limited investment in training as vendors of new technology provide extra margins to push the product through the market
  • Differentiate your organization with products that beat the competition on price and performance
  • Increase your sales level
  • Allow you to do cross-selling with the solutions you are currently reselling.
  • Gain access to new accounts

Our Reseller Services include:

  • Reseller Program
  • Training and technical support

For more information about how to become a reseller, please contact us at .