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Reseller training and technical support

We believe that product knowledge is a key element of your success.  We will train you on the products and services we distribute so that you can understand and communicate their values from a technical and marketing perspective. We will also accompany you all along the sales process, including pre and post sales support.

Product Training

Through webinars, on-site training or other approaches, we will train you on the products so that you can effectively do the following:

  • Understand product features, differentiators and competitive advantage
  • Understand customer requirements
  • Define proper architecture or solution to address the client’s needs
  • Do product demonstrations via a webinar or in person
  • Effectively present the proposed solution to the client

Sales training

Our objective is that you understand as rapidly as possible the value proposition, technology, sales model and key differentiators of the products and services you resell.  This will include training on bid preparation.

Technical support

Our technical staff is trained and certified in the solutions that we represent. This enables us to provide you with the technical training and the pre- and post-sales support you need to achieve success.

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