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Pre and Post Assessment Tool

Get a clear picture of an organization’s knowledge

To confirm an information security awareness program has been effective, organizations want to be able to:

  • demonstrate the value and the return on investment of this program
  • confirm that the program has been an effective tool in enhancing the overall security of the organization

Sedika Technologies is the authorized distributor of Terranova's products, including the pre and post assessment tool. This tool is a very powerful tool to achieve the objectives described above. This is done by using the tool to compare the level of knowledge of the organization prior and after the implementation of the security awareness program. This could also be used to determine trends in the knowledge of the organization throughout the years.

In the initial stage, the tool can also serve to determine the current level of security knowledge. Once documented, statistics are used to develop a customized security awareness campaign, linked to an overall program that prioritizes the right subjects and themes.  

Assesment tool features

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
    • Choose from a bank of more than 80 questions
    • Create your own questions, answers and feedback
    • Choose the type of questions you prefer: true or false, multiple choices, etc.
    • Administer multiple evaluations over the course of the year
    • Print a range of reports with all the statistics you need
  • Multilingual
  • Anonymous or not
  • And much more!